How wide can an anus get

Home» Going Wide and Deep Going Wide and Deep Up Mine, and Up Yours Too! The next time you play, you will probably find it much easier to get started and get the toy into your anus. Try to go a little deeper, even if it's only a quarter of an inch. Moving On Up. How wide can the anus stretch How to stretch a male anus All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice. WebMD provides a medical diagram of the anus and explains its function and problems that can affect the anus. Skip to main content. (HPV) can lead to warts in and around the anus.
how wide can an anus get how wide can an anus get
How Much Can I Fit Up My Ass? We probed the limits of nature's smuggle pocket. A doctor writing under the pen name Mona Moore wrote that doctors have retrieved a "inch long and 8-inch wide salami" from a patient's rectum, among other Scientists have tried to assess just how roomy the rectum can get, ostensibly not because of what. Wide Open: An Examination It was so wide open now, that I could feel the cool air circulating inside my rectum, and that was a wild feeling. "Okay, I'm going to open you up a little more now. Stay with me here," he said in a voice, almost soft. All I could think of now was my 2 inch wide-open anus and him looking into it. I felt so. How wide can the anus open? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 2 Answers. Serena Lexus, Being playing with my butt for over 7 years. Answered Aug 30, In theory, the only thing that will stop anus from stretching is the pelvic bone. However, there are many other factors.
how wide can an anus get how wide can an anus get how wide can an anus get how wide can an anus get

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Ask health experts and get answers to your health question ASAP. Connect one-on-one with {0} How wide can the anus stretch and what should I do because my anal muscle seems to be unable to close again. I recently used some very wide things and my muscle seems stuck at that diameter. Aug 16,  · so please anyone advice me in how to widen my anus to satisfy my desire. Thanks and is meant for being used in the anus (they typically have a wide base at the end) some lubricant, and work it into your daily masturbatory routine. and work it into your daily masturbatory routine. You can get some that are very small, and Status: Resolved. Aug 28,  · My anus is noticeably wide/loose. By bbw | 11 posts, last post 3 months ago. New Reply Follow New Topic. A more severe issue would be an anal fissure which is a "tearing" in the wall of the anus. The only advice I can offer is use lots of water based lubrication, be patient, and use liberal antibacterial cleaning. I wear surgical.
how wide can an anus get how wide can an anus get how wide can an anus get

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Some people can stay relaxed for a few seconds afterwards, then the anus closes but is usually still somewhat loose. Later it tightens up more, and after a long period without anal sex it may require a lot of warmup before introducing something large.
how wide can an anus get
how wide can an anus get how wide can an anus get how wide can an anus get how wide can an anus get
how wide can an anus get
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